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Each resident in Victoria is represented by three levels of government: Federal, State and local council. When you vote, you elect a representative for your local area, or State or Federal electorate.

Electorate Lookup

Enter an address in the form below to find out your:

  • Local council municipality (and ward, if applicable);
  • State government district (Lower House seat); and
  • State government region (Upper House seat).

Please note:

If you are searching for details regarding your specific electorates and representatives the address you enter must match the details of your enrolled address exactly. You can confirm your enrolled address using the enrolment lookup tool.

Electorate spreadsheet

A spreadsheet of State and local council electorates listed by locality and postcode is also available in both Excel and PDF formats. If you would prefer a hard copy, please contact the VEC.

State and local council electorate spreadsheet (Excel 800kB, PDF 300kB)

See also

The VEC's Electorate Lookup is designed to:

  • search for specific addresses; and
  • provide electoral information.

To search a general area, or to find elected members' contact details, please visit the Victorian Parliament website.